Burleson Firefighters Association

"We support those who support us!

As the Burleson Professional Firefighters Association, We have had the pleasure of working with Mayor Ken Shetter, Councilman Rick Green, and Councilman Ronnie Johnson so that they may make informed decisions regarding the future of public safety in Burleson.

The result?

1.State of the art fire apparatus. 
2.Top of the line bunker gear
3.7 new fire fighter positions last year as a commitment to become NFPA 1710 compliant. (4 person minimum staffing on a fire truck)
4. Funded step plan, improving employee retention."

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Burleson is a big success. Mayor Ken Shetter deserves credit for much of that success. As mayor for 13 years, he has led the rebirth of Old Town Burleson, steered development to the city’s core, led education initiatives and brought Burleson an optimistic, can-do spirit.”

Your Friends and Neighbors

Jonathan Cook


Mary Slaney

Mayor Shetter has led the City of Burleson with dignity and respect since my husband and I moved to Burleson in 2005. Mayor Shetter has always welcomed open dialogue with the citizens of Burleson and City staff. He is responsible for Burleson Opportunity Fund believing that higher education should be available for all BISD students. He is a Mayor for the people. Re-Elect Ken Shetter.

Adam Randall

The deadline is coming up soon, so make sure your voter registration is all in place before the May elections. Local elections will effect your life to a much greater extent than national, so make sure your voice is heard. I love this city, have spent my entire life here, and I want to continue to see our inevitable growth handled in the smart and responsible way that that our leaders have been doing. Get out and support our mayor, and those who share his vision for our city. Decisions are made by those who show up.

Ronnie Johnson

Ken has been a great mayor and as a result the city has thrived and moved forward every year. He has my full support.

Brenda Staglik

I am very proud of the direction that the city of Burleson is going and I think your leadership has gotten us there.

Gretchen Altaras

I've known Ken since I was his legal assistant while he was in private practice in Burleson.  A legal assistant gets to know a boss' character.  Ken has integrity, is honest, compassionate, and dedicated to the community in which he was raised.  He would constantly take time out of his day to talk to citizens who wanted to talk to him.  His commitment is to all the citizens of Burleson.  Those who have lived here a while have seen what a wonderful community Burleson has become appreciate the education, experience, and hard work Ken has that made the vision a reality.  Those who know the history remember when Old Town looked somewhat like a demilitarized zone. The first time I drove through Old Town I never imagined it becoming the vibrant entertainment location it is today.  Through Ken's leadership Burleson has excellent infrastructure.  Things relied on every day, but often not appreciated.  Vote to keep good going.  Vote for Ken.

Todd Hulsey

Early voting gets underway tomorrow, April 24th.   I have studied the issues and heard from all three candidates.  I have been opened minded and ready to be convinced as to who is best suited to sit on our city council and as our mayor.  I will vote tomorrow.  I am convinced that Ken Shetter is best suited to be our mayor. Mayor Ken Shetter is an experienced leader who has moved our city forward.  Our city can, and will benefit, from his dedication and experience, and Ken must be returned to office as our mayor.  I emphasize Ken’s dedication to Burleson over his experience, and his experience in leading our growing city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex cannot be ignored. Neither of the other two candidates possesses the requisite experience necessary to lead our dynamic, growing city.  I urge you to vote to re-elect Ken Shetter as Mayor of Burleson, Texas.  Thank you.

Shannan Sutter

Mayor Ken has been an awesome example of how a mayor should be; by being available, approachable, and easy to talk to about whatever subject needed. I can't imagine a better choice but to re-elect my mayor.

Rodger Isom

I have watched Burleson progress and grow under Mayor Shetter's tenure. I couldn't be prouder of our city and the gains we have made. I hope Mayor Shetter will continue to help guide and manage our city's phenomenal growth and economic prosperity.


Blake Ovard

Mayor Shetter has always put Burleson first, and under his leadership the city has continued to grow into one of the gems of the entire Metroplex.

Cindy Wade

With the housing market boom and the constant growth in Burleson, I want an EXPERIENCED mayor and am happy to endorse Ken Shetter for Mayor.



Ken has done a tremendous job in his years as Mayor. He's honest, trust worthy, and truly loves Burleson and wants only the best for our town. Besides all of that, he's just a really good man!


James Moody

Under Ken's leadership this city has shown remarkable growth--not just in the number of people or the amount of brick and mortar, but in elevating Burleson to a position of prominance among Metroplex area cities. When it comes to quality of life, we're no longer any city's little sibling. It would be a shame for us to lose that edge.


Mary Davis

Ken has done a great job. Keep up the good work. He has our family support.


Jesse Warren

Mayor Shetter has been an exemplary public servant for many years and is a better mayor than we even deserve. Re-elect!

Jennifer Mullin

Ken has been a strong, dynamic leader for Burleson bringing many positive changes to our city.

Doyle Mitchell

You definitely have my vote Ken!

Melinda Rubenkoenig

Burleson, Texas has been mine and David's "hometown" for over half a century!  The progress that has been made while Ken Shetter has served as Mayor is amazing.  We support Ken and look forward to more "amazing" progress.


Cherilynn Pirtle

Always inspired by your passion, commitment & vision...

LaRea Wilson

I came to Texas & Burleson 24 years ago. There have been many changes and tremendous growth. Ken Shetter has proven his ability to govern and lead this community towards a great future for all the citizens who call Burleson home. Re-elect Ken Shetter for Mayor.


Debbie Doyal

He's been a excellent Mayor and I want him to continue ad our city's mayor and leader!

Philip Kingston

Ken is one of the best municipal leaders I've had the pleasure to work with. His values and his effectiveness are difficult to overstate.

Lynette York

Thank you for all you do for Burleson!

Robert Hill

I have Seen great things accomplished over the years of Mr. Shetters' position in office...looking forward to many more great years to come! Thank you Mayor Shetter.

Trey Schmoker

Ken is an outstanding citizen and leader who truly has a heart for the city of Burleson.


Darlene Moore

Let's not try to fix something that isn't broken! We need Ken Shetter to be able to continue the wonderful work he has  begun in bringing Burleson forward into the future.

Jennifer Fann

I appreciate Mayor Shetter's openness and his compassionate stance on issues of abuse and human rights.

Maria Pizzo

For 13 years you've been working hard and have been a true leader for improving Burleson. Our city has many wonderful resources for families. You have the right vision! Burleson is cheery and beautiful.  Just look at surrounding city's that failed to plan new infrastructure and growth they are dull and dingy. I am grateful as a citizen that you are a true leader and along with the city council have carried out these new plans meticulously and effectively. I see no reason why anyone would vote for another candidate when Ken Shetter has done such an awesome job. Thank you for your passion and dedication.


Case Osborn

Rather than list the innumerable positive qualities of Mayor Shetter, I will simply state that I am unable to think of a single negative one.


Mike Jones

My family and I proudly endorse Mayor Shetter. He has continued to show true leadership and vision during his tenure as Mayor! Great Job Mayor Shetter! No better Mayor in the metroplex!!!


Victoria Johnson

Ken has been a wonderful leader for our community. I'm particularly appreciative of his passion for parks and the hike and bike trail. This community is such a wonderful place to raise a family, with nice parks and things to enjoy time together. He's a champion for higher education and if we want to continue having job growth that can support families and diversify our tax base it is imperative to have access to these resources right in our community. I proudly support my friend Ken in his bid for reelection!


Connie Stogsdill

Thankful for a young family man with a vision!

Scott Shaha

Mayor Shetter has done an amazing job at managing growth in our part of the ever expanding metroplex while also being a visionary in the revitalization of Old Town Burleson.  His push for the Mayor's Youth Council and the Burleson Opportunity Fund shows his commitment to the future of our great city.

Ronald Stogsdill

I endorse Ken Shetter. He has done a great job thus far as mayor. He has our communities best interest at heart. Keep up the good work Ken. We appreciate all your hard work!

Shandy Stogsdill

I want to officially endorse Ken Shetter for mayor of Burleson. He has proven to be a great leader with a true vision for Burleson as it grows in size and influence.


Donna Teaff

Good Job



Integrty, Vision, Humanity

Kara Davis

Proud to have Mayor Shetter leading our city!

Kelly Murphy Newton

I can't imagine another mayor as amazing as Mr. Ken Shetter. Good luck mate, and I hope to see Burleson continue to get even more amazing.

Cecil Yates

Of all the places I have lived, Burleson is one of my favorites. It has obviously enjoyed the benefit of some exceptional leadership as it has experienced so much growth in the past few years. I appreciate Ken Shetter's contribution to this, and I endorse him for re-election.

Pam Glazener

Everything Ken Shetter does is from the heart. He puts all he has into everything he sets out to do, nothing is ever half done. A good Christian man who loves his family and City!!

Kinsley Munoz

As a recent college graduate looking to buy my first home I can't imagine living anywhere else other than Burleson. Mayor Ken Shetter definitely has my vote!

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