Statement on Party Affiliation

As the mayor of Burleson, I serve as a proud nonpartisan. I know many of you will think that's a political answer, but it is not. The City Charter requires that we run and govern as nonpartisans and I believe that is one of the great strengths of local government. We are not beholden to parties or labels and are free to support or oppose a policy simply based on how we think it will impact the citizens of Burleson. I loathe the infiltration of partisan party politics into local government and believe we would be much better off if more offices were non-partisan. For example, there is no reason to elect county officials, district attorneys, county attorneys, justices of the peace, constables or judges in partisan elections--in fact I think it's detrimental and I have advocated for the making these offices non-partisan. You can look back at every campaign I've run and see that I have never run a partisan race and have specifically run on a platform of being a leader for ALL of Burleson.

I'm not trying to be evasive here--I have personal political beliefs and leanings just like everyone else and most people know, in politics beyond the local level, I consider myself a Democrat. However, I have always been open-minded and have voted in both primaries and have publicly supported Republican and Democratic candidates. I have also worked well with Republican and Democratic officials in various offices for the benefit of Burleson and have spoken to any political group that has invited me, regardless of their affiliation.

Here are the policies I have championed as mayor: First-rate public safety, including good pay, great equipment and facilities and regular increases in positions; first-in-the-nation policies to protect victims of domestic violence and their children; the revitalization of Old Town and development of the Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza; great parks and trails; enhanced development standards; improved public works infrastructure (streets/water/wastewater); creation of family-supporting jobs and the expansion of retail choices; expansion of higher education opportunities and creation of the Burleson Opportunity Fund; sound fiscal policy and transparency; and authentic youth engagement. I have sought to make Burleson a place where everyone here knows they belong and I have made it a priority to be accessible and to listen.

So, bottom line, if you simply want to shout about partisan labels, go ahead, but I say that has already screwed up our state and national politics. Why junk up our local government system with that same nonsense. Let's just talk policy and results!